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Mayor and Council

The Borough of Rockaway government consists of an elected mayor and six elected council members. The mayor serves a four-year term, and each year two council members are elected to three-year terms.


Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Thomas Mulligan
Phone Number: 973-627-2000
(term expires 12/31/27)

Melissa Burnside
Council President
Phone Number: 973-627-2000

Members of the Governing Body

Melissa Burnside (term expires 12/31/26)
Thomas Haynes (term expires 12/31/24)
James Hurley (term expires 12/31/24)
Patrick McDonald (term expires 12/31/26)
Robert Smith (term expires 12/31/25)
Thomas Slockbower (term expires 12/31/25)

Standing Committees of Council

Finance & License Committee
Chairperson: James Hurley
Members: Patrick McDonald, Thomas Haynes

Fire Committee
Chairperson: Melissa Burnside
Members: Patrick McDonald, Thomas Slockbower

Ordinance Committee
Chairperson: Thomas Slockbower
Members: James Hurley, Robert Smith

Personnel Committee
Chairperson: Patrick McDonald
Members: Thomas Haynes, Melissa Burnside

Public Safety Committee
Chairperson: Robert Smith
Members: Melissa Burnside, Thomas Slockbower

Public Utility and Works Committee
Chairperson: Thomas Haynes
Members: James Hurley, Robert Smith


Council meetings are scheduled to be held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at the Community Center, 21-25 Union Street. Meetings are open to the public. See the meetings page for complete schedule.

See 2024 Annual Meeting Notice

Minutes and Agendas

Minutes and agendas are posted on the meetings page. Click here to go to the meetings page.

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